SCHEDULE SPEAKING: Call  (636) 448-0121  –  If you want sample of teaching, call –  we will send you CD.

Carol’s insightful  & inspirational teaching from the Word of God helps others apply God’s truth to their lives to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally with God and man. When ministering for a church, Carol also offers confidential counseling.

NOTE: Carol teaches from Genesis to Revelations on how to serve God with our whole heart, soul, mind and strength. She speaks at conferences, churches, retreats nationwide.

Sample subjects for seminars:

  • Marriage/family/parenting
  • Healing for Damaged Emotions
  • Special seminars for husbands/fathers to understand their god-given role as shepherd-leader of their homes
  • Sexual purity seminars for all ages
  • Anger management
  • Abuse recovery
  • Self-protection tools for children to prevent molestation
  • Training older couples to mentor young couples in churches
  • How to integrate single families with an intact family for the benefit of the children
  • Classes for lay counselor training in churches of people who are hand picked by their pastor
  • Pre-marital seminars
  • Teaching from the Word of God for growing in God spiritually, emotionally and relationally.
  • Searching for our Significance in God – not through approval of others.

Carol offers nationwide confidential pastoral counseling by phone (636) 448-0121  or web cam (