Salvation came to my family in 1925, with my grandmother  being baptized in a horse tank according to Acts 2:38 coming out of the water speaking in a heavenly tongue. My father at 15, followed her example. I received this wonderful new birth experience in 1955 at age 9. My father ( Elder Raymond G.Theobald, 1910 – 1995) learned at the feet of Bishop G.T. Haywood a love for God’s truth at Christ Temple, Indianapolis, Ind.  He became an eschatology theologian and passed the love of God’s Word to me. He pastored a church and taught Eschatology for six years at Christian Life College, Stockton, Ca.

At age 14, I started teaching the little children in Sunday school – did so for 20 years. Then the Lord opened the door to a greater ministry of teaching adults/marriage family that lead me to the Institution of Christian Counseling (Ministry History).

In 1970, I married ordained minister, Reverend Harold E. Clemans, a graduate of Conqueror’s Bible College. He also graduated from the Institute of Pastoral Counseling through Emerge Ministries ( We’ve been involved in ministry throughout our marriage.

God blessed us with a daughter, Joe’l, married to Paul Povolni ( – graphic arts designer) and son, Jonathan, married to Kelli Carr. We have two ‘grands’, Jaden (2001) and Madelyn (2005). We are thankful our children love and serve God.

We live in Loveland, CO and our church home is Abundant Life Tabernacle, Johnstown, CO with Pastor Dieter Skowron.