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By: Carol Clemans

Do I hear you ask the question, “What is my control booth?” Most of us have flown in airplanes. Every major airport has a control tower. We all pray that the person in the control tower is well trained and alert when we are flying in and out of the airport. The traffic controller must know how to navigate all the airplanes so they do not collide with each other.

Our control booth is in our thinking process. Our thoughts create our feelings and we usually act out on our feelings. This understanding is especially important to any person who has been abused, abandoned, betrayed, experienced the death of a loved one, death of a marriage, major financial loss, job loss, home foreclosure, major injury, sickness unto death, job difficulties, church troubles, etc. It’s our thoughts that control our feelings. We have control of who or what we allow in our control booth. When a major adversity hits us, our battle is in our own minds.

Picture a square box drawn on a piece of paper. The box is your control booth. It’s what we keep in our control booth (thoughts) that determines how soon we will recover and start working toward victory in our thinking. If I allow all the negative events of my adversity to penetrate the walls of my control booth and remain there, then I will become depressed with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. What I must do is remove the negative thinking out of my control booth and only allow God and His truth. How do I do this? I must ask, “What is God’s truth about my situation?” We cannot change the facts of our lives, but we do have the power to change the way we think about those facts.What happens to us does NOT have the power to define us. Who we are is defined by God’s truth.

Satan is our adversary. He has come to steal, kill and destroy. He wants you to sink in the depths of despair through your thoughts about what has happened in your life. Satan will fill your mind/heart with every negative self-destructive thought to steal your joy in the Lord. This is where we must use the power of God’s Word – It is written, “NOTHING (no person or event) can separate me from the love of God.” It is written, “God will never leave me or forsake me.” It is written, “If God be for me, who shall be against me?”

When we allow the negative thoughts to remain in our control booth, we are giving the power of our emotions over to the person(s) or event that brought us pain. Why would I allow someone else or situation to control me emotionally? The only thing I need in my control booth is God and His truth.

Again, “What is God’s truth?” If your pain is from what others have done, remember evil people do evil things because Satan is the god of this world and God gives everyone choice. Everyone will answer to God for his/her actions. If you have major losses materially, remember God promises in this life we shall have tribulation. If you suffered loss through sickness or death, the sinful choice in the Garden of Eden brought sin, death, sickness, and problems of every kind into this human life. As believers, we are not promised a life free from pain and heartache. We are promised that His grace is sufficient. We are promised eternal life with our Lord and Saviour. We must understand from Hebrews 11 that some received their promises on earth and others were killed and died without receiving their promise, BUT all died in the faith with a hope beyond this life.

I do not know why some believers seem to have all they desire and need without pain in their lives. I do know that in eternity we all will be given rewards for what we have done and for our faithfulness to Him. All the apostles except John the Beloved were murdered (martyred) because they believed Jesus was God in the flesh and preached the Gospel. I do not know why God allowed John the Baptist to have his head cut off and then freed Peter and others from jail.

The only way we will survive the adversities in our lives, is with God in our control booth looking at our situation through His eyes and truth. Jesus said the world hated Him and they will hate us who stand for righteousness. Kick the negative thinking out of your control booth and replace it with God’s truth. That means we must become students of the Word of God.

We are experiencing adversity in our lives right now, but I choose to say as Job said, “Though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Yes, grief can be overwhelming and tears may flow. God understands. But I refuse to allow Satan to control my thinking! I know with God all things are possible. I will continue to pray and believe for major victory as long as I have breath. I’m keeping God in my control booth and kicking every adverse thought out in Jesus name!

(c) Carol Clemans – May 2012

Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/Bible conference speaker/author. Carol provides counseling nationwide by phone & web cam (636) 448-0121. Go to: for bio, products, new book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE. Rev. Harold & Carol Clemans’ pastor is Dieter Skowron of Johnstown, CO.

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Do we listen to the President or God?

By: Carol Clemans

This week President Obama spoke on television that he believes that homosexual couples should be allowed to be married with all the rights that a husband and wife receive through marriage (not exact quote). The President was forced to face this issue because Vice Pres. Biden stated his support on the same issue earlier in the week. The President said he was ‘evolving’ in his decision about this situation. No, he did this for political reasons.

It’s on record that the President had previously said because of his Christian belief that marriage was sacred between a man and a woman. I’m so thankful that I serve a God that changes not. God has moral laws that will never change no matter what any man says about them. God does not categorize sins – all sin is sin in God’s sight. Revelation 21:8 NLT states, “But cowards, unbelievers, the corrupt, murderers, the immoral, those who practice witchcraft, idol worshipers, and all liars—their fate is in the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.”

We will all stand in judgment according to God’s Word, not the President’s personal belief. Galatians 5:19 – 21 NLT states, “When you follow the desires of your sinful nature, the results are very clear; sexual immorality, impurity, lustful pleasures, idolatry, sorcery, hostility, quarreling, jealousy, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, dissension, division, envy, drunkenness, wild parties, and other sins like these. Let me tell you again, as I have before, that anyone living that sort of life will not inherit the Kingdom of God.” Sexual immorality includes adultery, fornication, pornography, homosexuality, sexual abuse, sex trafficking, prostitution, etc. God’s laws are for our protection and provision. America is built on laws. There is a law we must pay taxes. If we don’t, we are extremely penalized. There are traffic laws. There are consequences to breaking these laws. If you decide to run red lights because you feel you have the right, then you will have an accident, you may be killed and you may murder someone in the process.

If all Christians in America would vote for godly moral laws and politicians, we could turn this nation around. I refuse to keep silent in a world that is wanting to flaunt their sinful causes in my face and then say because I’m a believer in godly morals that I’m prejudice or homophobic.

God came to this world in a ‘robe of flesh’ (God manifest in the flesh) and showed how much He loves the sinner by dying on a cross to shed His blood that we could be redeemed/restored in our relationship with Him. He loves the sinner but hates the sin. Our words will either justify or condemn us when we stand before God. I’m sorry for you Mr. President; you evolved in making an opinion about marriage for homosexuals that God calls an abomination. Your words will ‘justify’ even to children that hear ‘The President’ declare a sinful act is OK to make choices that will dictate their eternity.

Mr. President, God puts up and He takes down. You will not escape the judgment of God even though you are President. Everyone will stand before his or her Creator, Almighty God. All sexual immorality, lying, gossiping, sowing discord, murder (abortions), hatred, cheating, abusive anger, all abuse, backbiting, plotting deceitfulness, dictators, manipulators for evil – ALL is sin declared by God.

God is Love. He is full of mercy and grace to those who humble themselves before Him. But sin will not enter into heaven. It’s our words and actions on this earth that dictate our eternity. Just because we declare we are ‘Christian’, if our heart and actions do not manifest the same, we are in trouble with God. Mr. President, beware. You will stand before God. None of us will escape the final judgment of God. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

(C) Carol Clemans – May 2012

Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/Bible conference speaker. She provides nationwide phone & web cam counseling (636) 448-0121. Go to: for bio, over 100 articles, CD’s & book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE.

Written for – June 2012

Emotional Healing

Sexual abuse victims are sitting on your pews.

Carol Clemans

Sexual abuse is a taboo subject for many people. Unfortunately, victims are sitting on our church pews. In reported cases, 1 out of 3 women have been sexually abused and 1 in 4 men. The sad news is that the majority of cases go unreported! There is verbal, visual and physical sexual abuse. Salvation does not wipe out the memories or emotions of these atrocious acts against innocent children of any age from birth to 18 and beyond. I’ve counseled many women who were sexually abused from the time they could remember until they were 18 years old and left home.

It’s impossible in this short article to address the horrifying emotional damage sexual abuse has on mental growth in a victim. Long-term effects that are frequently reported and associated with sexual abuse include depression, self-destructive behavior, anxiety, feelings of isolation, stigma, poor God-worth image, difficulty in trusting others and sexual maladjustment that can lead to homosexual tendencies.

Churches must become equipped as healing helpers. I offer teaching seminars through Skype live on the Internet for churches. A sexual abuse recovery seminar can be promoted as equipping leaders as well as helping the abuse victims. We need to remove the stigma related to the subject and offer God’s truth for healing.

Please DO NOT say, “Just pray and give it to God!” Victims have been praying privately for years to God to remove the pain and emotional damage. They need the tools of how to use God’s Word to “be transformed by renewing their minds” through God’s truth. Victims believe the lies of the devil regarding their emotions. They need Godly wisdom and encouragement to replace the devil’s lies with God’s truth. “Here a little, there a little, line upon line, precept upon precept.” God’s truth applied to the heart must take root to change the thoughts/feelings of the abused. Pastors, please have a sensitive heart to the ‘silent’ hurting people sitting on your pews. Call me to discuss the Internet seminar (636) 448-0121.

(c) Carol Clemans – May 2012

Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Bible conference speaker/Christian Life Coach. She provides confidential nationwide phone counseling for pastors & laypersons. Go to: for 118 articles, teaching CD’s and new book: GOD’S DESIGN FOR MARRIAGE. The Clemans’ pastor is Dieter Skowron, Johnstown Co.


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