– June 2011 (Written for HOPE section – dealing with divorce issues)




By: Carol Clemans


The current news about unfaithful politicians to their marriages is extremely disturbing to me.  I know betrayal of wedding vows has been happening for centuries, but it is still sin in God’s sight. Whether you are going through a divorce or recovering from one, betrayal of committed love is one of the most painful experiences of life.  These public examples that are in every news venue are not helping our children viewing good examples.

What are you doing to help your children with their value system when it comes to helping them understand how to be a future faithful spouse? I have counseled adult children of divorce. They share that trusting others is very difficult when their own parent betrayed their mother/father and them. Children are shocked beyond understanding usually at very young ages.

As the faithful parent, one of the most important tasks you have is to instill in your children that faithfulness to God in every aspect of life promotes faithfulness in a marriage.  Children must be taught that each of us is responsible to God for our own thoughts, feelings and actions. To prevent betrayal to a marriage is to be faithful to God.  When one is faithful to God – loving HIM with all our heart, soul, mind and strength – there will be no betrayal to a marriage.

When David of the O.T. was confronted with his betrayal, his first response was, “I’ve sinned against the Lord!”  This is what he should have remembered at the time of his adultery.  Joseph proved is faithfulness to God when he was tempted by Potiphar’s wife. As he ran away from her, he told her, “I cannot sin against the Lord!”

No matter how you were betrayed, you are able through the power of the Holy Ghost to be faithful to God in every area of your life and teach your children about genuine faithfulness to God.  Refuse to believe that divorce will hinder your ability to influence your children for godliness.  Now is your special privilege of turning your children’s hearts closer to the Lord.  Man may fail, but God never fails.

Many children are raised going to church but are not taught by example how to have a daily intimate relationship with God.  The survival secret of recovery from divorce is being faithful to God.  Yes, it will be tough as a single parent, but you can do it.  When we feel our weakest, God makes us strong by our turning to Him and His truth for comfort and guidance.

Reassure your children that you will never leave nor forsake God or them. Everyone has a choice to do what is right.  When a person makes a conscious choice to betray their spouse and children, they are also betraying God.

As the faithful parent, you will have a tremendous opportunity to show by your example what genuine faithfulness to God is in action. Make faithfulness to God your primary goal and God will give you the strength and wisdom to parent your children in faithfulness unto Him.


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