– March 1, 2011




By: Carol Clemans


God tells us that a friend loves at all times or is always loyal. When you have a friendship like this, it is a real treasure in life. The definition of friend and friendship is to know someone and have a bond of mutual affection trust and support. I have been blessed to have a handful of friends that meet this definition.

Friendship must be cultivated. As I look at my close friendships, each one happened because both of us made a conscious effort to spend time together. We had to plan our luncheons, etc. If distance is between us, we send notes, email or call each other on a regular basis.

I want to give honor today to my friend, Judy Segraves, who went to the Lord on January 16, 2011.  Twenty-eight years ago, God brought our lives together. Dr. Daniel and Judy Segraves were invited to be a part of Christian Life College in Stockton, Ca. Pastor Kenneth Haney’s office called me and asked me to have the Segraves to my home for a welcome dinner. About four days after that get acquainted dinner, Judy’s mother died in her sleep. She had moved with them to be the cook for the college. I offered my home to my new friend for the after funeral dinner place for their friends and family.

This very sad event started the bonding between Judy and me. We were involved in ministry together as I taught six years at Christian Life College. We went through many experiences together. Somewhat surprisingly to both of us, we lived for a while in Missouri at the same time. Judy was a friend I could trust with my good times and my rough times and I did the same for her. I knew she would keep my issues in confidence as I did hers. We prayed, cried and laughed together. This was my friend who loved me at all times.

When Judy received the horrible news of inflammatory breast cancer, we prayed and cried together.  The Lord moved us to Colorado about 3 months after Judy’s diagnosis. My support to her had to be by phone.  I called her almost daily for two years. Again, we prayed, cried and laughed together in sharing all that was happening. The Lord allowed me to spend a week with her in October 2010. It was a special treat to be with Judy. We talked about healing and hope and we also talked about the security there was to know that God has victory over death.

Both Segraves were able to visit for one full day in our home in Colorado on December 17, 2010. It was wonderful to have Judy visit me. We had no idea that she would be in the arms of the Lord one month later. Our earthly friendship came to an end, but I’m so thankful for 28 years of the treasure of her friendship. Judy was always sending notes of encouragement to others. She truly loved at all times. All of us have the ability to be a friend. It’s better to love and suffer loss than to never love at all. Be a friend that loves at all times and your life will be blessed.


Carol Clemans is a Certified Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/inspirational Bible speaker for churches & conferences. Carol provides nationwide phone & web cam counseling – (636) 448-0121. Go to for CD’s, info and additional articles. Email: Carol is wife of Rev. Harold Clemans. They are part of Pastor Dieter Skowron’s church in Johnstown, CO.