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By: Carol Clemans


If you are single (never married) or divorced, February 14th can be a very depressing day in your life if you allow it to be.  You can focus on the Valentine’s Days of the past when they were sweet and full of good memories, or you can focus on what you do not have now. Remember, Valentine’s Day is a man-made day. A Wal-Mart newsletter says, “About one billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged in the United States each year. Women purchase 85% of those cards.”

Wal-Mart also included a paragraph on Love:

“When we think about love, especially around this time of year; we usually think of romantic love, but love, at its root is not about romance. Webster says that love is ‘to feel affection for – a kind or loving feeling.’ In this way, kindness is a form of love. As human beings, we all need to love and be loved. A simple act of kindness can have immeasurable results, both for the one giving and for the one receiving.  Spread some kindness – to your spouse, your children, your parents, your neighbors, your friends, others you know and those that you don’t.  IMPACT THE WORLD, ONE ACT OF LOVE AT A TIME.”  WOW!!  That came from Wal-Mart!

What does God say about love:  GOD IS LOVE! The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace.  To get love joy and peace, we must be longsuffering, patient, kind, good, faithful and have self-control.  What does this have to do with the power of our words?  If we are critical about our circumstances, critical words will flow out of our mouth and hit those around us with a negative impact. Our family and friends will know exactly what is in our hearts. From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.  The love of God is ‘shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost.’ If your words are negative, your attitude will be negative and you will show others you are not Holy Ghost controlled.

I challenge all of us in whatever state we find ourselves in to speak words of love, encouragement, faith and blessing upon self and others.  If you are single again or never married, this status does not define your value.  Focus on the fact that God loved you so much that He came down from glory and robed Himself in flesh to die a horrible death on the cross to prove His love for you.

The God of creation who spoke our world into existence and everything we enjoy on earth wants us to speak words of faith and goodness into our own lives and to those around us. He also wants us to do acts of kindness to others no matter how we may be feeling.  It’s an act of obedience.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  You do reap what you sow.  Sow words of blessings – receive blessings from the Lord. Sow words of kindness – receive kindness from others. Sow words of love – you will be loved.

We have a moment-by-moment choice to use our words for the glory of God.

The Bible teaches that we are accountable to God for our every word and act.  I want my actions and words to reflect the glory of God in times of adversity and in times of blessings.

One commentary says God bends down from heaven to listen closely to what we say. Let our daily prayer be:  “Lord, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, Oh, Lord, my strength and my redeemer.” YOU CAN DO IT!


Carol Clemans is a Cert. Pastoral Counselor/Christian Life Coach/anointed Bible teacher for spiritual, emotional & relational growth for all ages. She provides counseling nationwide by phone or web cam – (636) 448-0121. Carol is founder of LIFE ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES, INC. (501c3) 1437 N. Denver Ave., Ste #251, Loveland, CO 80538, accepting donations toward a counseling facility in Colorado. Pastors Daniel Batchelor and Todd Gaddy are on her board of directors.

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