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Carol’s Corner –




By: Carol Clemans


Almost 100% of people battle at some point in their life with feelings of low self worth, not measuring up to others’ expectations and allowing the reactions of others to form their own value system.  The lie of Satan is how you perform and how well others like you is your value in life. As I stated, this is Satan’s lie.  No human being is able to make everyone like him/her at all times.

God’s truth is that our value and worth comes from God alone.  God created each of us when we were being formed in our mother’s womb. He designed every part of us and knew how our life was going to unfold. Then God wanted a ‘bride’ to choose to love Him so He planned before the foundation of the world to come in a robe of flesh as a sacrificial lamb and shed blood to redeem us to Him.  This had to happen because Adam and Eve chose to sin and disobey God and brought natural and spiritual death to the human race.

From these God given facts, I must place my self worth in God’s truth.  I am His royal priesthood, His special treasure, His future Bride, His workmanship and it’s all because I choose to accept His love and forgiveness. That fact gives me great value and worth in His sight.  My worth in God is not based on my performance.  It’s based on His performance.  He loved me so much that He died to redeem and pay the price to ‘purchase’ me as part of the Bride of Christ.

The foundation of our individual self worth is based on God – He gives us value and worth!  It’s not by our works of righteousness, our performance at any level, our looks, our achievements or our ‘pedigree.’ When we are able to grasp this truth and take spiritual and emotional ownership of it, nothing is able to move us out of the grasp of God’s love and acceptance.

When ‘storms of life’ come, we can stand firm knowing our value and worth is not in our circumstances but IN GOD! Parents and grandparents need to teach this truth to their children and grandchildren.  It’s an inheritance that will last into eternity and give joy and peace while living on the earth.


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