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Spiritual Growth

Are we teaching rules or relationship?

Carol Clemans

Josh McDowell says, “Rules without relationship lead to rebellion.”  Many of my children’s peers as teens and adults have rebelled against the rules and turned their hearts from loving God to seeking lustful pleasures. As I reflect, I realize the rules of the church were emphasized much more than having a vital, alive relationship with God.

Jesus told us the greatest commandment was to love Him with our WHOLE heart, soul, mind and strength and, then, to love our neighbor as we love our self. When you study out the definitions of heart, soul and mind through Strong’s Concordance, it’s amazing how they overlap each other. The heart refers to mind and inner person. The soul refers to self, person, mind and personality. The mind means a ‘thinking through’ – Strong’s #1271 – “When this faculty is renewed by the Holy spirit, the whole mind-set changes from the fearful negativism of the carnal mind to the vibrant, positive thinking of the quickened spiritual mind.”

Our children and young people must see by example what it is to have a thriving relationship with God. It’s not just about pastor, church, peers, etc. It’s about having direct communion with the Almighty God.  It’s about living in a God-conscious state of mind in everything that we do.  It’s about understanding how much He loved us that He was willing to put on a robe of flesh and come to this earth to pay for our sins and redeem us back to Him!  When was the last time you heard a message on the love of God, the blood, the cross and His soon coming?

We need to lead by example how to live out our lives with a quickened spiritual mind! Every word that comes from our mouth needs to be Holy Ghost controlled.  Every action needs to be done to glorify God.  This is a matter of daily choices.  Our lives are to give Him glory! We need holiness of the heart that is the core (the most important part) of our relationship with God!

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