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2009 – 2010

Praise the Lord to our Family and Friends!

This year we made the choice to not send out a letter, but making it available on our website –  We thank the Lord for another year of life to give God glory. We are so thankful to God that He made a way for the sale of Paul  & Joe’l’s home in MO this year in May. We all moved to Loveland, CO and joined Paul, who had been here for a year in the wonderful position that God opened for Paul in April of 2008 as Art Director for Group Publishing Co.

My ministry of teaching/counseling/writing, etc., can be done from any location, so the move to Loveland, CO was a grand opportunity. We love Loveland!  It has a large lake in the middle of the city with many mini lakes throughout the city and county. We are located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and 35 minutes from beautiful Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain State Park. Loveland is North of Denver one hour on HW 25.

As I write this letter, we enjoyed a light snow that fell last evening with a white ‘blanket’ over the trees, bushes and lawns. I love cold weather.  We are about at a 5,000-foot elevation level, so we have ‘dry’ snow with no slush, as it would be in MO. Because of that ‘dryness’, we have beautiful sunny summers with very low humidity. There’s a beautiful full ‘red’ moon shining tonight.

We live on the edge of a beautiful golf course. The geese fly between another golf course across a major road – both have mini lakes and the geese just stick around summer and winter. You can hear their ‘honking’ as they fly.

The Loveland Lake has a large walkway with grass and bronze sculptures around a major part of the lake. There is also a smaller beach area that the children loved to play in the water and the sand this summer. Loveland has many additional beautiful life-sized bronze sculptures throughout the city in parks and in front of professional buildings.

Jaden is 8 years old and doing well in 2nd grade. He is taking karate classes. Madelyn is in pre-school at 4 years old. She is a people person and loves being with other kids.  She loves music and dancing as she watches herself in a mirror. When I’m not watching, she ‘praises’ the Lord – so sweet! Joe’l is a busy wife/mother keeping the family functioning. We have pictures of them posted in the photo section of and on It’s a delight to be a MieMie and Papa.

We are thankful to be a part of the Johnstown church in CO. Pastor Dieter Skowron is a loving pastor and a wonderful Bible preacher/teacher. If you want to be uplifted, listen to his archived messages on: They are anointed. I’m providing a teaching and counseling ministry for the church.

I still travel to teach seminars/conferences (schedules through May of 2011), counsel locally and, provide nationwide phone and web cam counseling. The web cam counseling offers people ‘face to face’ sessions in the privacy of their homes through the free download program.  It gives me the opportunity to minister to people across the nation from my living room.

Anyone who would like to donate to LIFE ENRICHMENT MINISTRIES, INC. (501c3) would be helping to further the vision I have for this God-given ministry. You can donate through the address listed in the contact section of

We are believing God for a counseling retreat location in the Loveland area to help hurting ministry families and others. I plan to produce teaching DVD’s on all the subjects that I teach and counsel. We need more Holy Ghost anointed ‘helpers’ in the kingdom of God. The DVD’s would be a help to pastors, healing helpers and the hurting.

Harold is enjoying Colorado too. Keeping busy – he is a people person. Thankful God has blessed his health. He lost 40 lbs. this year drinking green tea!!! Didn’t quite work for me – did not drink enough tea! Ha!

My dear friend, June Langford, went to the Lord in October, so I flew to Stockton, CA to be a part of her funeral and see many old friends. (PRAISE GOD FOR THE HOPE WE HAVE IN HIM!) Also, blessed to spend time with our Jonathan and sweet wife, Kelli, on the ranch in Linden. He celebrated his 31st birthday with Mama making him a fried chicken dinner. We miss them so much.

Even though the world’s condition is not well, God is in control of ALL things!  I’m looking for His soon coming, but in the meantime we’ll be loving and serving the Lord until His return!

We are asking for God to abundantly supply all your needs to overflowing in year 2010. We never know what will come into our lives, but with the Lord, all things are possible!

Love to you all! May God’s blessings flow!!

Revs. Harold & Carol Clemans



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